The following are simple descriptions of the six key areas of the Listening Life approach to spiritual formation. Each of these areas are vital to a healthy life with God. We hope that you continue to explore your spiritual life as you consider these areas.

Love Relationship with God

  • God loves every person deeply and is pursuing us with a persistent love.
  • God is the one who initiates, changes, and calls us.
  • Spiritual formation is not a set of steps, works, or plan but a relationship with Christ, who came to show us the saving love of God.  (for more…)


  • We join God’s transforming love as we engage in spiritual practices, disciplines, prayer, scripture, and offer ourselves as living sacrifices.
  • Our part of the relationship is to respond to and accept God’s love.
  • The Spirit changes us as we deal with sin and addictions by creating space for healing. (for more…)


  • We cooperate with God as we follow the nudges and learn to listen to Christ in all of life through times of celebration, normalcy, suffering, and grief.
  • Spiritual formation happens as we practice the presence of God and follow the Holy Spirit.
  • We join Christ’s work as we offer ourselves to God every moment of the day and night. (for more…)


  • We need to be listening to Christ in community as we find support and encouragement.
  • The key is to have accountability, practice the One Another scriptures, engage in confession, and seek discernment with others.
  • The great cloud of witnesses, who have gone before us, need to be part of our community as well as those at home and next door. (for more…)


  • Each individual is unique and different than any other person and can discover their spiritual personality while journeying with Christ.
  • We need to hold things loosely, give things a try, be patient with the process, and practice prayer.
  • God will meet us in specific ways and call out specific gifts in us. (for more…)

Neighborly Love

  • When we listen to Christ we are called to live out love and minister to those who are lost, hurting, poor, and oppressed.
  • God’s love will flow through us in mission, specific callings, and ministries, as we are all a part of the priesthood of all believers.
  • The best indication of God’s work within us is the fruit of the Spirit exhibited in our relationships with others. (for more…)

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