Group Materials

“There was freedom to participate and contribute according to your own style.”
Group participant

As a member of a Listening Life small group, you will be invited to make space to listen to Christ in your week as well as listen for him in your everyday life. You will be provided with a brief reading, encouragement to spend time in reflection on your life of listening, and three individual exercises. The reading and exercises can be completed any time in the week between your small group meetings.

We hope that your Listening Life group will be a place for you to connect with others who are on this journey toward Christ and that you can remind each other that the life of faith in God is a daily process. We need others to encourage and help us intentionally choose to be formed into what God desires. Christian community is where the living Jesus Christ dwells and our prayer is that your Listening Life group will be a place where he can speak love, truth and forgiveness to your spirit both directly and through your fellow travelers.
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